Lunch & Conversation at the Beachside Bar-Cafe







In my opinion there is nothing more decadent or enjoyable than a late lunch that includes your favorite humans while you linger over a table groaning with food and iced bubbly for several hours. Of course, the conversation must be as efferescent as the champagne. My sister does say that I am a lush, but that is neither here nor there.

Last week my cousins and family and I had the wonderful opportunity to do just that;  linger over a table with incredible views and even better food. Welcome to the Beachside Bar-Cafe located next to the pier in Goleta, CA with stunning views of UCSB.

When you walk inside it is all bright light, old wooden surf boards, and oyster bars, and really how can one be anything but jolly when faced with all of that? I ordered the Blackberry Pecan Salad with Salmon and it was hands down the best salad I’ve ever eaten in my entire life. I didn’t feel like I was eating a salad, I felt like I was embarking on a culinary happy dance. No joke.

If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend stopping by!

xo xo Liz


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