Nice To Meet You!

So. Here we are. You have found yourself on yet another lifestyle blog of a 20-something-year-old Californian who dreams of hitting the big time.

Except, I am different.

I am the only blogger you will meet who has cowboyed for a living.

Even then, I preferred heels and dresses when I went to town as opposed to jeans and cowboy boots.

I contracted Lyme disease when I was 19, almost died twice, and came out the other side knowing exactly what I didn’t want in life. And it turns out that fashion and cooking and writing were exactly what I did want in my life!

So now days I spend my time studying to be a Medical Transcriptionist, working on a cookbook, riding my horses, acting as a media consultant, and wearing heels every chance I get.

This blog is going to have lots of style posts, recipes, and horse pictures. I hope you enjoy!

Β xo xo Elizabeth


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